Articles Dogs off the lead!

September 20, 2018

Walking on the beach with our dogs is one of the favourite activities of many of the team at Beach and Bay Vet. We are so lucky on the Central Coast to have access to loads of leash-free beaches and parks. If your 4-legged pal is fully vaccinated and interacts well with new dogs, people and kids, these parks and beaches are the perfect place for a free-range run! Throwing a frisbee or a ball, going for a run or just a gentle stroll with the freedom to explore at their own pace makes those tails wag super happy! Just be sure to keep a close eye on your dog while you’re walking leash-free to catch any toilet stops and collect the results! Also keep a close eye out to ensure no strange bits of debris are eaten by a curious mouth! If anything does get eaten that you’re concerned about, don’t hesitate to call us at the clinic.

Check out the council website to see which of these great resources are closest to you and your 4-legged friend.