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Dr Marks has completed further training in acupuncture and alternative medicine for animals having received her IVAS certification. Dr Marks is able to provide tailored consultations and treatment options for patients for whom acupuncture would benefit, including animals suffering from arthritis and other muscle injuries, internal medical issues and behavioural concerns.


We have an in-house IDEXX catalyst1 blood biochemistry machine. This means we have the latest in-house blood biochemistry apparatus. With only a few drops of blood from each patient, and without the time-consuming referral to external labs, we obtain fast accurate resoluble results. Inhouse tests include: kidney and liver function, full internal medicine blood results, drug levels for epileptic patients, thyroid level testing.


Every Wellness Check will include one of our vets ensuring your pet’s dental care is top notch. If there are any problems we can perform ultrasonic scaling and polishing teeth, improving breath freshness and oral health, and if necessary safe and pain-managed tooth removal. We use the latest IM3 ultrasonic scaler and IM3 polish and drill.


At Beach and Bay Vet we like to provide a full investigation into why your pet is itchy. Skin cytology, skin scrapings and if necessary skin biopsies are all services we are happy to provide to give your pet greater comfort and better skin!

We can also provide a thorough investigation into sore and itchy ears, using our otoscope and inhouse microscope to identify infection and irritations and provide fast and effective treatment.


If you decide that you do not wish to breed with your pet we recommend desexing, also called speying (for females) or castration (for males). Our vets are experienced at provided quick, pain-free speys and castrations. Ongoing home analgesia is included in our desex service to make sure your pet is comfortable and well cared for.


We have in-house Digital radiology (X-Rays) which allow us to look further than skin deep at the issues afflicting your pet. This provides us with the ability to generate fast, accurate imaging diagnoses for your four-legged family member.


Our vets are experience at providing fast and effective pain relief and emergency care if your animal finds itself in an emergency situation. Our vets have all worked in after hours or emergency only clinics in the past and have a deep understanding of what is required in a wide variety of emergency situations including trauma, toxin ingestion and envenomation.


We’re always keen to discuss the latest improvements in providing your animal with effective flea an tick control. On the Central Coast we have a high population of paralysis ticks and it is always important to be up to date with treatments and the latest information on how to keep your family’s four-legged friend safe from these potentially fatal ticks. As the climate changes we are now seeing tick paralysis cases year round and so we encourage prevention at all times, and not just seasonally.


Our vets take a holistic approach to caring for your animal. In our experience, informed pet owners have the happiest, healthiest pets. To give your pet the best care possible, we offer advice and treatment to keep your family pet at their best at all stages of their life.


So much of a pet’s health comes down to what they eat. Adjusting diet is one of the easiest ways to provide the best for your animal. Our Vets and Nurses keep up to date with the latest information about nutrition for your animal from speciality commercially available diets to raw and home cooked meals for your pet.


At Beach and Bay Vet we can assist with surgical orthopaedic solutions when they are required. Our vets perform Cruciate ligament surgery, medial patella luxation surgery and fracture repair. We are always happy to discuss these complex and detailed procedures, if the need arises for your family animal.


We pride ourselves on providing the best pain relief options for your animal when they need it. If this means a local anaesthetic, an epidural or a full general anaesthetic with ongoing home care analgesia, Beach and Bay Vet will give the most effective pain relief for your animals. We know that when pets are hurting, their owners are too.


In-house microscope and staining for any clinic pathology, including fine needle aspirates, urinalysis, and skin and ear cytology are provided at Beach and Bay Vet with enthusiasm. The more information we can gather about your animal’s problem, the better care we can provide. By using our pathology skills we can give your pet the best treatment.


While there’s is much joy that accompanies the arrival of a new puppy into your family, it’s important to remember that a little bit of help and support goes a long way. We know they don’t come with an instruction book so please contact us for more information about our in-clinic puppy classes.


In-house ultrasound machine gives us access to your pet’s internal organs in fine detail. Livers, kidneys and bladders – sometimes you need to look at them to know what’s going on! Full ultrasound facilities mean we can access this information in our clinic, as soon as it is needed.


We will provide your family pet with the best options for vaccination. Every vaccination consultation includes a full physical examination. Vaccination certificates can be emailed or printed at your convenience. Contact our friendly reception to find out where your pet is up to on their vaccination schedule.


A full physical examination and one on one discussion with the vet about your family pet’s health is important to do at least once a year to keep your animal happy and healthy. Especially as there are so many ‘animal’ years for every one of our human years!




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We welcome pets from Empire Bay and the surrounding area, including Bensville, Blackwall, Booker Bay, Ettalong, Kilcare, Kilcare Heights, Point Clare, Umina, and Woy Woy.