Puppy School

at Beach + Bay Vet

Puppy School

Our Puppy Preschool creates a safe, structured and positive learning environment for your furry companion, helping them form a positive outlook on life by catering to their developmental needs while they acquire essential life skills alongside their peers. We aim to cultivate a harmonious bond between pet owners and puppies, providing insights into the reasons behind behaviors and how your puppy thinks, whilst teaching important commands and addressing all things ‘’Puppy’” in a positive and fun manner.

Below is a list of what we cover during the course;

  • Understanding puppy and how they understand the world and think (We are primates, and they are canines!)
  • Setting the right expectations (understanding what your puppy is and isn’t capable of while debunking myths such as dominance and revenge behaviour)
  • Basic yet essential commands such as sit, lead training, recall and more!
  • Keeping puppy healthy for life, covering nutrition, vet visits, grooming and more!
  • Environment enrichment, crate training and creating a quiet space for puppy to retreat to.
  • Toilet training and understanding the capabilities of a puppy’s bladder.
  • Is it a problem behavior or behavioral problem? Biting/mouthing, barking and stress.
  • Polite play and good dogmanship. How to show your puppy to be respectful and polite with other pets and people

What our clients say:

“We would love to thank you so much for the knowledge and confidence that you passed on to us during the class – we found the class to be fun, enjoyable and reduced our anxiety about taking on the daunting challenge of raising a puppy. Hopefully we will catch up with you at the practice and proudly boast how Paddy is reaching his milestone” Thanks again cheers Terry, Julianne and Patrick Anderson

“Puppy school with Kat was brilliant. Kat took the time to educate our whole family how to help our puppy, Pip learned new skills. Pip is our first family pet and we need a lot of guidance!” Thank you Kat, Amanda Muscat

Puppy School at Beach + Bay  Vet
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We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we live and pay our respects to elders past and present.

We welcome pets from Empire Bay and the surrounding area, including Bensville, Blackwall, Booker Bay, Ettalong, Kilcare, Kilcare Heights, Point Clare, Umina, and Woy Woy.